It's too easy to become wrapped up in the everyday grind and miss out on life's magic! This can leave us feeling dark, dull, and "off". These mentorships will redirect you into the mystical joyful life you were  born to live . But you don't have to take my word for it... 

What People Are saying about the mentorships

"Just What I Needed"

This mentorship was just what I needed to kick start some serious spiritual growth! Crystal delivers the information via written info, video and Facebook lives to facilitate learning for all audiences. She uses real life scenarios to help the student relate. She laughs with, cries with and lifts up each person with wit, humor and love... and she refreshingly “tells it like it is” when some truth needs to be faced. She holds that mirror for us to look in so we can identify, release and cleanse ourselves, and provides a safe space to do so. I highly recommend this program to all that are desiring to shift their spirits.  

Dena McFaddin

"For Anyone On Their Respective Journey"

I would recommend taking advantage of Crystal’s mentorship program to anyone on their respective spiritual journey.  I have been on my path a very long time and still learned so much from her.  It is always important to keep an open mind to learning new things, and in doing so, I was taught a new way to look at my spirituality and to bring new tools and techniques to my every day practice and beyond.  I loved getting to know the other members in the group and growing my soul family.  It was wonderful to receive support from not only Crystal during her six-week program, but also the other members of her community.  I appreciate that she understands that not everyone can afford to pay for the program all at once and is willing to workout a payment plan so EVERYONE has the opportunity to benefit from her teachings.

Shannon Powell

"I Was Able To Open Up Again"

Taking Crystals Mentorship class helped me through a really rough time in my life. It helped me release negative energies that were recent and energies that have been buried for years. These negative energies blocked my gifts so with the Mentorship class I was able to open up again, recognize my stronger gifts and start using them. Thanks to Crystal I now have the Alter I’ve always wanted and know how to use it. I can’t tell you enough how much this Mentorship helped me when I needed it most. Thank you Crystal for being here for us.

Kim Myeres

"A Four Course Meal"

I just wanted to come on and thank Crystal for this mentorship and to give my review. I've taken both the first and second level mentorships.  I had first signed up for this mentorship, last November, because I felt like I had reached a wall in my personal research on what do spiritually. I thought it sounded helpful to have a mentor since most of what I had been learning was from random books and the internet. I thought it would be nice to gain some insight and get some direction on where to go next.   I ended up getting SO MUCH MORE. If I were to use a metaphor, it would be that I had thought I was attending a brunch and instead got a 4 course meal, dessert AND cooking lessons on how to make it myself. Oh my WOW! It started with removing energy blocks I didn't even know I could remove. Before this, I thought I was just stuck having a closet rage problem that was a part of my personality. She taught me how to remove this block and others and I don't mean just in my mind. I mean I could actually physically feel my lifetime of tight rage in the pit of my stomach expand and melt away. For a week I could feel where it had left an energetic void. I'm a much more peaceful person now, which is insane for me to say about myself. I swear to you, the healing I went through felt like it was amplified and expedited during those 12 weeks I spent doing the work. She also taught me how to clear, and protect my empathetic self from collecting and carrying around other peoples energy. I've even healed the relationship I have with my body. She explained and showed me how to create a sacred space where I can gain energy, clarity, peace and direction everyday. I can't go a day without doing ceremony now. I have tools to help me when I become stressed, overwhelmed and in a dark place. I could go on and on about how incredible this has been but this is getting really long. Basically, doing these mentorships are in the top 5 best choices I've made in my life. Do it!!!

Heather Michelle Owens

"Changed My Life"

Back in 2007 I experienced a jolting awakening. At first I was on cloud nine and full of an abundance of joy and love, but when I realized many of my family and friends were struggling to support my newfound out-of-the-ordinary happiness, I came crashing back to Earth. And it hurt. I spent a number of years living my awakened life in the privacy of my home, without rocking the boat too much. It became excruciatingly suffocating.   

When I discovered Crystal's Clarity Mentorship program I knew the universe was opening its doors to me once again. I needed guidance on how to live in my power, embrace my true self, and once again use all the tools I had hidden away back in 2007. Crystal is an amazing and efficient mentor. She leads by example and when she teaches these truths, you know there is a higher power guiding her words. Her mentorships have changed my life and now instead of hiding away, I live my truth every single day. And I owe it all to the guidance and nudges of Crystal and all her teachings.

Niki Walker

"Had A Blast"

A dear friend introduced me to Crystal's page a little over a year ago. I was drawn in instantly. She was real, there was no bullshit. She was offering positive, practical suggestions, what if's, of things that could make your life better. She broke things down into manageable steps to make very positive changes. I was good with this, it was enough. I felt blessed to have her guidance. Then it happened...

...I win a spot in the Mentorship! Serious crazy mad gratitude!!! Life changing! I don't know that words will ever be enough to describe what this experience has meant to me. My family and friends can't quite pinpoint what it is that is different about me, they are just grateful to have me back. For me to be present in my own life. This magical lady and her team of angels returned my hope. She taught me about energy, how to clear, transmute and maintain it. She encouraged me to get still and listen to my body. She taught me how to love myself and treat my body with the respect it deserves. She taught me how to create a spiritual practice that fit for me. I learned about ceremony. I trust myself and my intuition today. That is powerful! She gave me the map to inner peace and helped me realize my strength. She helped me become a better human and I had a blast doing it. 

Crystal is an inspiration to me. She leads by example. She tells the truth. I could go on and on. She's a fairy Godmother a true badass!

Jamie Hofine

More REviews

"Take The Leap"

I found Crystal on fb when I was in desperate need of a spiritual guide. I had lost my connection with my heritage, my divinity, and my hope in anything more. My relationship with my Angel's and divine parents was nothing short of non existent. Crystal was about to start her mentorship 1 and I knew I had to be a part of this. I had already started the program #Watchmerise on fb and felt a huge lift of my heart and spirit. Her mentorship brought that to a whole new level. I was able to work with Crystal and reconnecting to my spirituality. Having confidence that this was the right path of light for me and diving back into a connection I thought was gone forever. The mentorship brought me hope and the absolute knowledge that I was not alone EVER. That help was there if asked, and guidance could be found if I had the faith that I needed. This was a huge leap for me. Knowing that I could turn to a supportive and loving guide, a wonderful group, and be able to navigate my own spiritual path to mysticism has literally saved me. A million thanks could not give back to Crystal and her mentorship what she has given me. I urge you to take the leap, you can't possibly know the magical experience that awaits you, and its INSIDE of you. Crystal was understanding and great to work with on payments for me so that I could be a part of this wonderful journey. I also can access it for forever, which has helped me to continue growth and maintain my inner connection to source and discovery. 

Thank you so much Crystal for giving me a chance to find myself, my purpose, and my power that comes from my love for divinity. I have looked my whole life to fit somewhere, and now I do. So much love to you and yours!!!

Kellie Spencer

"My Whole Family Has Benefitted"

I was really struggling with my life, in and out of depression, no energy, and I would hermit in my bedroom for days at a time. As a mother of 4 children and a husband who was as supportive as he could be, I felt like a failure. I felt like there was more to my life than just folding clothes and packing lunches. I tried many things including antidepressants that only made me feel worse. I found Crystal Doty on social media and started listening to her videos. Her light seemed to reach me through my phone, and I always felt so uplifted by her so when she launched her mentorship, I decided to take the plunge. I have done both levels and I have to say that they may have just saved my life. I learned that I am a very sensitive mystic who requires a fun and uplifting spiritual practice and time to connect to God and the angels. I have my whole family meditating together at night before bed and not only has it helped me become more happy, but it has brought my home together in a way I couldn't have done alone.  Now days, I cherish being a mother and wife, Crystal helped me add some necessary magic, color, dance, and laughter back into my life. My whole family has benefitted from her mentorships and I can't wait for my oldest daughter to go through them. This was the medicine I needed and I cannot thank her enough for the work she does! 

Jan Porter

"I've Made So Much Progress"

Crystal is the most consistent, genuine, and generous intuitive I’ve met. From her online weekly readings, to private 1-on-1 readings, and her workshops I am always amazed at how direct and accurate the clarity she provides is.  

I took her 6 week mentorship 2 years ago during the earlier phases of my journey to becoming more in tune with the Universe and my Angels. The course came exactly and the right time, and helped me tremendously. It’s only 6 weeks along, so it was an easy commitment and it wound up over delivering on my expectations.  The exercises, coursework, and meditations brought about so much healing and clarity in my life in addition to teaching me tools that I continue to use on my own.   Since the mentorship program, I’ve made so much progress on my journey of increasing my intuition, trusting my instincts, communicating more freely with my angels, and deepening my faith. I also continue to get private readings with Crystal a few times a year and highly recommend her to everyone I know!

Samantha Ferrara

"An Integral Part Of My Own Journey"

Crystal Doty has been an integral part of my own journey of awakening and experiencing more love and joy and peace and healing within myself; whenever I can join in one of her workshops I am always amazed by the love and wisdom she has to share! I am very blessed to have her as a mentor and dear friend!

Kathi Benson

"Highly Recommend"

If you are looking for clarity, direction, or structure in your spiritual practice, I highly recommend Crystal's mentorship. She provides clear, practical wisdom along with (fun) spiritual practices for the busy modern mystic!”  

Heather Fisher

"Easy To Follow And In Depth"

Crystal has created an easy to follow and in depth mentorship training!  She is a leader in her field and a published author to boot!  I recommend this training for  anyone who is ready to dive in and take up your spiritual game a notch. She fully supports you!  

Mrs Hart

Even More Reviews

"A New Level Of Thriving"

Every moment with Crystal is empowering!! Her love and wisdom infuses into every word, every teaching, every practice, and every meditation that she offers. After only one week in her mentorship I already felt a MUCH DEEPER AND CLEARER connection with myself and with the Universe. I feel her authentic care for all of humankind and for all of life, and I love her strong passion for guiding us into a a new level of thriving!

Radiance Larrabee

"I'm Not Weird Afterall"

I always felt like such an outcast! My natrual interests have always been in metaphysical, new age, astrology, stuff and I have been sorely judged and made fun of for the believing things that I do. I was even bullied at school for admitting I saw dead people. Never in my life have I ever felt more accepted, loved, and been given an opportunity to really accept and embrace who I am. After going through the first mentorship, my life changed because I had the confidance and self acceptance I always needed. I can't wait to take level two and go deeper. This is the right place for me. Finally! I'm an amazing, beautiful, special channel of light. It feels so good to look in the mirror and realize I'm not weird afterall! I'm a mystic!

"Starlight" Vue

"I Am Not Alone"

Meeting my angels in week three of the first level mentorship turned my whole life around. I realized I am not alone- and never was. This was a really big revelation for me. I see signs from my angels every day, and like Crystal often says- Life is supposed to be magical. Now it is. With my angels!


"The Real Deal"

As someone who has known Crystal for many years, and have seen her personal journey and growth into the mystical life she lives today, I can honestly tell anyone that she is the real deal. She practices what she teaches and I think that makes her a phenominal mentor! 

First, her book changed my life. It seemed like whatever I was going through, I would just open it up and there would be my answer! I had the same experience when I joined her mentorship. I would be going through something, or something would be on my mind, and then we would study it that very week! She truly has walked by my side and has helped me become closer to God and my angels. I have now joined her second level and can't wait for what new and amazing things are in store for me. I am truly grateful for Crystal and for all that she does for us!

Jan Magner

"Her 6 Weeks Was Exactly What I Needed"

I was introduced to Crystal through a friend during the first really low point in my life since my divorce and I had thought those days were behind me - hence the divorce. I’ve always tried to live by my heart, follow my intuition and go with my gut but I had reached a point where nothing was going right. None of my plans were working out and I just didn’t know where to go next. Nothing felt completely right but I know I needed to change something. I was missing something. The more I obsessed over this feeling the worse things got. I couldn’t ground myself or see a simple solution to all my troubles. I was in financial trouble and I am usually so OCD and careful, I hated my job, I needed a change, my son was suicidal, my new fiancé was cheating and the list goes on. She accepted me into an already full mentor ship at a reading and things just worked out. The money I needed to pay for it appeared, it gave me something to focus on, I took it further and got to know each angel even deeper outside her program by purchasing a card deck related to each one, buying their associated stones and doing research on each of them and making cross connections between faiths for them. She taught me to ground, clear, discern, and develop my strongest intuitive skills. She offered support and provided a safe place to give/receive support from others. Her 6 weeks was exactly what I needed to reconnect with myself and identify ways I can best support myself through my trials. My spiritual practices are nearly a daily practice still. Crystal is very very talented and she genuinely wants to help us find inner peace but she wants to support you in your journey by helping you find your own unique way through her own proven methods. I have a deep and lasting roundness for Crystal. She guides but does not direct. You won’t be disappointed.

Trish Price

"The Magic of Crystal's Mentorship"

I have so many great things to say about the magic of Crystal's Mentorship. (and the magic of Crystal in general) I started following her a few years ago and became very drawn to her sweet spirit. I was having a really  tough time and very conflicted in my personal life. I watched her weekly readings, The Illumned ones, read her book and worked the work book and finally participated in the Mentorship. Crystal is such a strong mentor and a beautiful, powerful support and when she says shes sending angels, she really does. I realized I allowed my connection to my higher power to weaken but through the program and a lot of work we are stronger than ever. That was my goal. What I didn't expect was to discover the overwhelming personal power  and strong intuitive skills that showed up. I love the meditations and exercises in the program. I have gone through 3 times and join the live sessions when I can and I get more out of each session every time I join.  Crystal is truly someone you can trust- She's an Angel!

Tayah Moore

"A Spiritual Journey of Epic Proportions"

 I have had the pleasure of going through Crystal's 6-week Clarity Mentorship, and then through level II with the Mystic Mentorship. They both were divine in their own right. Crystal starts with the basics and gets you used to the process of one's spiritual self discovery. Through her guidance and tutelage I learned so much about myself and my "why" in this world. It did not disappoint and that goes double for the Mystic Mentorship-Level 2. The second level applies what you learned in the first level and then takes you on a spiritual journey of epic proportions. I truly cannot say enough about both of these programs. One of the biggest perks with membership is that you can always come back. Meaning once a member, you are always a member, and if you're feeling like a little "spiritual tune-up" is what you need you can pop back on into one of the groups and be welcomed with open arms. No judgement, no criticism, just love and light. Picking up where you left off, or starting from the beginning. It's always there, as is Crystal. She's very approachable, extremely insightful and totally "spot on" with her readings. Crystal is also a  gifted intuitive, mentor, as well as the author of "What Would Angels Do?" and "Watch Me Rise". Get started on your journey of self-discovery, personal growth and healing. You"ll be so glad you did!!!

Colleen Hoyt