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Hello, Mystic. It is a pleasure to have a chance to tell you about my mentorships. My goal is to help you re-imagine and reinvent your life. One that includes your inner wisdom and connection to All That Is. I want you to live the magical life you were born to live! With extensive experience in intuitive work, life coaching, spiritual mentoring, and a lifetime full of my own mystical experiences, I have created a program that allows me to mentor you into your spiritual gifts, help you to release your past negativity, and embrace your inner call into your own Mysticism.

What Is A Modern Mystic?

Mysticism takes on a new role in our lives in these modern times. Long ago, when someone felt an inner stirring to follow a spiritual path, they would leave their families in search of a guru, shaman, or spiritual teacher. Through time and evolution, more people are being called to create a deep personal connection to their Creator. We are now learning how to implement a spiritual practice into our daily lives. We are bringing spiritual tools like crystals, meditation, and higher perceptions into the modern workplace and households. There are many modern day mystics who work regular jobs and live seemingly regular lives- on the outside. Modern Mysticism is the idea that you can live a magical life within the mundane world and these mentorships teach you exactly how to do that.

The Mentorships

Finding the time, space, and energy to study spiritualism can be difficult in our busy modern lives. One of the hardest things I see is someone who is feeling called to live a more spiritual life, but they have gone years putting it as the last priority. By the time they meet me, they are tired, beaten down, depressed, and in a life crisis. The reason I created the mentorships is to not only help you develop your spiritual practice, but to also integrate your spirituality into your everyday life, making eveyday just a little more magical! The mentorships hold you accountable and keep you on track so that you can finally feel the peace and JOY that Mysticism offers. 

The flow of the mentorships

"Simple in structure, deep in nature."

Level One- The Foundation

The Six Week Clarity Mentorship

Every week you will receive two 30 minute videos and attend events on our Facebook group. You will receive a workbook that follows all of the content and exercises for your intuitive centers. You are also welcome to stay in the Facebook community for as long as you wish after the six weeks for no extra charge so that you can continue to delve in. I really take my role as your mentor serious and you can journey with me for as long as you need to! 

Week 1: Finding, Developing & Strengthening Your Intuitive Centers. 

Learn how to trust yourself and follow through with your intuition. Exercises to enhance intuitive gifts.

Week 2: Overcoming Fear & Ego. 

Breakthrough the fears limitations that have held you back from your life's purpose and destiny. Address issues of feeling different, awkward, or "bad" because of your gifts.

Week 3: Meet Your Angels. 

Learn who your angels are and build a healthy relationship with them. Learn how to better communicate with your guardian angels. 

Week 4: Relationships. Emotional Vampires & Suppressors. 

How to manage relationships in your life as an empath, healer, and mystic. Learn how to effectively cut negative cords, sheld negativity, and fearlessly walk through life with an open heart.

Week 5: Connecting To The Elements. 

Reconnect to nature and learn how to set up a sacred space in your home to practice your spiritual gifts. Learn more about crystals and how to set up a spiritual altar.

Week 6: Surprise.


The next step- entering the mystery

The Six Week Mystic Mentorship

Now that you have built a solid and clear spiritual foundation, one that you will continue to fall back on anytime you need it, the real fun can begin! Level two is designed to bring you deeper into your spiritual evolution by clearing karmic patterns in your DNA, uniting your inner Divine Masculine and Femanine, and taking a closer look to your relationship with the cosmos. 

You must complete Level One to be eligible for this mentorship. 

Week 1: A Deeper Look At Personal Ceremony.

Week 2: Karmic Cleansing

Week 3: Spiritual Self Esteem.

Week 4: Connecting With The Body's Intelligence.

Week 5: Sacred Creativity.

Week 6: Visioning. 



What Can The Mentorships Do For Me?

I can support you in finding and staying on your Mystical path.  By building a spiritual foundation and introducing you to a tribe of other Mystics who are going through the same things,  I can help you stay motivated and on-task, helping you release negativity, battle your self limitations, and move toward the life you were born to live. 

What Kind of Commitment Do I Need To Make?

You will receive two 30 minute videos to watch each week and we gather together for a Facebook Live every Sunday to discuss the week's subject and go further into it. I recommend just 2 hours a week for a lifelong improvement.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

If you are still unsure if this is right for you,  there are a few things you can do to to gain more information:

Read the reviews on the testimonial page to get an idea of what the mentorships have done for others.

Schedule a 10 minute consult with me (below).

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