Mysticism Is A Calling

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What is the call into mysticism?

Undeniable Signs

Your "inner Mystic" shows you signs in the world that may seem confusing to you at first. Number sequences, random animals, repetitive music, feathers, odd synchronicities, dreams, and visions are just a few signs that may lead you to wonder if something bigger than you is trying to catch your attention

Craving Something Deeper

You feel uninspired by living a mundane life. You wonder if there is a deeper meaning and purpose for your life. Many Mystics go through something called a Spiritual Depression or The Dark Night of The Soul as they are feeling unsatisfied and restless about their lives. A deep inner stirring will continue to move within you everytime you are reminded of the magical life you were born to live. 

The Search For Your "Tribe"

Mystics feel they are different. You tend to have a hard time opening up completely to most people, afraid that your ideas and beliefs may be too deep or strange for the average person. You may have even been made fun of or rejected due to your perceptions and observations. This leaves you feeling alone. Deep within, you sense there is a tribe of others who share your beliefs, but don't know where they are.

You Feel Overwhelmed

You feel a deep desire to learn more about spiritual things but with so much information out there, you don't know where to begin. You may even have a stack of books on your nightstand you have no idea when you'll have time to read or a bag of crystals you don't know how to use.  You wonder how to make time to study and learn everything you are feeling drawn to.


Many Mystics are also empaths, which means that you may find yourself tired, drained, and overwhelmed by drama, people, and the world around you. You seem to know things about people or have a sixth sense that you cannot explain and this can sometimes drive you crazy. I call this, Mystical overstimulation. Mystics need a specific structure that includes self care and learning how to set different boundaries to the world. 


The call into mysticism does not cease. However, without any real direction, many mystics will find themselves being constantly distracted from their path. You may  involved with overeating, addictions, an illness, relationship drama, spending too much time on social medias or TV, and taking on more obligations than you can handle.

 It will seem as though every time you feel like you're on the right path, something comes up to distract you from it, leaving you feeling lost again. 

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